COVERmat 1.2

In version 1.2 of COVERmat two CAD features are introduced.

1. Dimension

All graphical objects are now displayed with a detailed dimensioning.

The current selected object is shown with additional dimension lines, which ensures now more accurate work.


The parts list or the cutting list shows all items with dimension lines. Because of this the dimensions of cutouts and miters now are more specific.


Of course, in the overview and in the print all graphical objects are also shown with dimension lines.


2. Move edges

In planning the edges of objects can now be moved directly by special handles. This is now an additional and more convenient way to change the dimensions of rooms.


Other changes

Program updates now are checked automatically. If there is a newer version of COVERmat, this is pointed out directly.

A new button “Contact / Report a bug” has been integrated in the welcome screen. If you need help with the application or simply want to ask only one question, or if you are missing important features, please do not hesitate and write me an e-mail. I am grateful for every criticism and every suggestion. In any case you will get a generous discount 😉