COVERmat 1.1

In the new version 1.1 of COVERmat there are mainly improvements to the usability. With the new Layer-Interface COVERmat now corresponds better to the standards of CAD or image editing programs. In contrast to the previous versions you will now get a summary of coverings in the print view. The creation of a flooring is now more intuitive. After creation, a simple covering (e. g. with wooden planks) can be defined with a few parameters (see left). Only if more complex subdivisions are needed, a additional definition can be done (see button “Create Partition”).


The cut optimization has also been improved, which now leads to even better results:


Internal structural adjustments were necessary which prepare COVERmat for future releases. For example, in the future there will give more covering-configurators. E. g. a Configurator for planning a substructure of a wooden deck or for the planning of a plaster with a complex pattern.

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