ZONEmeter is an application which allow quick and easy calculate the area or perimeter of any bases. About the simple graphical interface, the base areas can be drawn similar to a simple paint program. Special CAD skills are not required. The software is therefore especially suitable for users looking for just a cost effective and above all simple alternative to a CAD program exactly for this purpose.

After applying the base area, calculations of area, perimeter or volume (by giving an object height) can be done. If several base areas are drawn in (for example barriers), these can then be calculated together. For example, the main area minus a barrier or the perimeter from main area plus the perimeter of a barrier.

How does it work

Especially in construction-business, there are much areas of application to use the program. For example, the material is to be determined for a screed: Here, first it must be drawn the base area in the graphical editor (see Figure 1).

(Figure 1)

The amount of screed can be determined using a volume calculation. For this first define the depth of the object (see Figure 2). The calculation type “volume” should be selected for this purpose. The conversion unit can be set as desired for each calculation (eg m³)

(Figure 2)

At the edge of the screed customarily an edge strip is laid. The required length can be determined by a further calculation. For this set the calculation type to “perimeter” and select any desired calculation size unit (see Figure 3). The rounding or the number of decimal places can be defined individually for each calculation.

(Figure 3)



You can purchase a license for ZONEmeter currently for 9,99 €. Order a license here

Or first test the product for free: ZONEmeter 1st (5.9 MB)